All about prostitution in Germany

Your redlight guide to Germany

Dear friend!

Because prostitution is all legal in Germany, millions of men visit whores over there, and nobody cares.

Most of these guys have real fun, but some get ripped off truly bad. Believe me, I saw men being treated really ugly. Disgraced and without money instead of getting a great fuck, balling their fists was all they could do.

Do you want to be among these victims? Do you want to pay more than your fellow johns? Burn your money for almost nothing?

My name is Yvonne F. and I've been a prostitute myself for several years. I can tell you anything about prostitution in Germany, the rules and tricks of its redlight business.

Give me 5 minutes, and I will tell you how to enjoy prostitution in Germany. How to have real fun with whores, never get ripped off again!
Redlight Germany

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At a glance: Redlight districts of Germany

German capital Berlin has one big sauna club, Artemis and a lot of callgirls working in appartments – but no redlight district actually.

Cologne (Koeln) has Europe's biggest eros center, Pascha with 11 floors and several bars.

Frankfurt has a big, big redlight district near central station. Some 14 eros centers offer the cheapest prices of all Germany.

St. Pauli quarter of Hamburg hosts Germany's most famous redlight district around Reeperbahn. You can find places of all price levels, but be aware of tourist traps.

Hanover has its Steintor area in the center of the city. Many eros centers and sex clubs at reasonable prices.

Munich has banned its redlight to several remote industrial zones, such as Stahlgruberring. Bars and clubs near its central station are in the off-limits area.

World headquarter of Mercedes and Porsche is Stuttgart with its redlight district around Leonhardstrasse and several luxurious sauna clubs.

Summary: This homepage describes a redlight guide to Germany written by a former prostitute. The guide explains prostitution in Germany and gives valuable facts about cruising the redlight. It shows the various places where to meet whores and offers examples, practical advice and background details. The reader learns to avoid costly rip-offs and learns how to enjoy adult services.

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